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About The Road And The Traveler

About The Road And The Traveler

We have forgotten to live simply, so complex that our life is stuck between the wheels of the "mouse" under our control. We have witnessed space tourism in the century we live in. Androids, humanoid robots, cyborg "cybernetic organism" models, cold wars, cyber attacks, digital game-induced suicides, technological diseases... Are you aware that we are going virtual? We are like virtual game characters; We live fast, we consume fast, and unfortunately we devalue life and die fast. It's utter folly.

Rest your eyes, look away, find peace.

We are human, we turn our eyes to the horizon and try to see the farthest. You get up in the morning, the walls are inside the house, you go out to the balcony, the buildings are in front of you. Everywhere is filled with invisible big little walls that cut the distance from our eyes. Many of us struggle with various diseases due to unhealthy diet and especially the stress and negative energy of the city. Even though we try to get away on weekends, the city does not even allow us to get away with its claws on our backs.

We will embark on this journey together because we need it.

Without walls, we can participate in weekend activities, leaving the stress and negative energy of the city behind us. With the Royal Enfield, designed for harsh terrain conditions, we can breathe the magnificent pine-smelling air of the Taurus Mountains at an altitude of 2150. Yes, nature will force us because we are not used to it. The landscape will challenge our eyes, fresh air, our lungs, and yes, the indescribable happiness inside us. Let it push. Be happy, let's be happy. While Royal Enfield, climbing like a "goat", makes the difficult conditions of the road easier, we will be at your side with our professional guides and professional assistance team.



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