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On 04.05.2022, as Tie Tur, we set out with our Royal Enfield Himalayan brand motorcycles to find ourselves in a completely different world. At 8.30 in the morning after having breakfast at the Tie Bike Store, without wasting time five friends hit the road with our Himalayan brand motorcycles. We turned from the main road to the Abdurrahmanlar side and entered the village roads. While we are creating our driving routes, we build them on off-road according to the degree of difficulty, but we also include the cultural regions of our beautiful country in our routes, so we try both our guests enjoy and contribute to the promotion of our country as much as we can. For this reason, we passed through Demirciler Village and became the guest of Emin Kok, one of the last remaining masters of the "Iklık" instrument, known as the ancestor of the pumpkin violin, coming from the Turkmen Culture. After Uncle Emin's magnificent voice, we hit the road again. After enjoying the pleasure of driving on forest roads, we came face to face with the magnificent nature of Koprulu Canyon National Park. We took a lunch break under the magnificent nature of the region.After drinking our tea and coffee, we set off again and after 11km, Selge, the Ancient City of Psidia, appeared. Shortly after seeing that magnificent structure, we reached the Adam Kayalar region, which is likened to the "Land of Avatar". It was as if we had traveled to the depths of history. We were faced with a geography that is too beautiful to be described with words. After staying in the region for a while, collecting unforgettable memories, we made our way back.

Hoping to sail to the different beauties of our country with Tie Tur...


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