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Fog Lights

Fog Lights

Fog lights are not just used for seeing. Being seen is just as important as seeing. Sometimes your headlights can't provide enough lighting when they say dirt, dust, mud. On long night journeys, your headlights may malfunction. Fog, rain etc. Weather conditions are also important. You should use the fog lights on most of the time. Currently, some of the motorcycle manufacturers even offer advice to European users in this regard. The use of fog lights may differ for this subject, which varies according to the legal conditions of the countries. As a rider who has used many fog lights, I will not hesitate to make direct brand recommendations in this blog. But I would like to point out that I do not have a close connection with any brand, and if I experience a negative situation (which I did), I will do whatever is necessary...
You can position the fog lights in different parts of your motorcycle for different purposes. As much as possible, you should prefer case design products with a small surface. I hope I don't need to mention that it has a Power Led feature. It is beneficial to have a minimum of 900 lumens and above. It would be more useful to have different controls for the headlights in different positions. My engine has 3 different fog lamp sets. 1110 Lumens White light on the sides is Interphone, and those under the headlights are HELLA brand yellow light, which are original fog lights.
In the installation of the fog lights, the electrical wiring that comes out of the package should be used and the manufacturer's electrical diagram should be applied exactly. If you have maintenance done outside of the authorized service, you can have problems on the road. Then, one day later, when you go to the service from the hotel you are staying in, you can learn that the charger of your engine that went to the service with the tow truck is damaged.
Obviously, it may be a good brand fog light that causes problems, but when the authorized service opens it, you can detect that it has severe damage due to incorrect installation, even if it is under warranty. It is important that the fog lights are installed correctly and the screws are correctly tightened in vibratory engines. If necessary, I suggest you make extra reinforcements with plastic clips.



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