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Royal Enfield Meteor

Places to visit

General Information About the Tour


Important note: We recommend that you continue with your reservations by logging in first. If you are not a member, even if you make a reservation, you may be asked to provide information about the terms of membership. After this information, your reservation will be valid.  It is a daily tour organization with the participation of 3 or more. You can review our individual tours just for you (by clicking the link)

Services Included in the Price
  • Royal Enfield Meteor Motorcycle
  • Fuel, motorcycle side bag
  • Morning snacks and lunch
  • Mandatory Travel Insurance
  • With the planned route with the tour leader
Services Not Included in the Price
  • All other expenses not included in the services included in the price.
  • Motorcycle clothing, helmet and clothing accessories are not included.
  • It is not a one-person tour. Includes group rides with 3 or more motorcycles
Tour Movement Details
Departure Locations Antalya Muratpaşa Termessos Bulvarı
Departure dates 04 August • 15 September
Additional information

Road Character: %100 onroad
Driving difficulty: 3/10

Cancellation Conditions

Our tour programs include cancellation and change rules, and all passengers who book our tour are presumed to have read and accepted these cancellation, cancellation, and change terms. 
Article 1: Tie Tur Take It Easy Turizm Acentasi reserves the right to cancel or postpone the tour due to any force majeure events, such as failure to reach the required number of passengers and/or adverse weather conditions, road blockage, strike, epidemic, terror, fog, war possibility, natural disasters, mandatory quarantine, or unforeseen technical issues, which, despite all due diligence, pose a barrier to the tour's start or continuation. If sufficient participation is not provided for the tour, Tie Tur is required to notify guests of any cancellations and postponement notification dates 2 (two) days prior to the trip's departure date with accommodation, and 1 (one) day prior to the departure date for our day tours. In this case, the consumer has no right to compensation. In this process, Tie Tur Take it Easy Turizm Acentasi shall not be obliged for any damages arising from the failure to fulfill the contract at all or as required. 
Article 2: As indicated in Article 1, our visitors have the option of choosing an alternative date set by Tie Tur, transferring their balance to another tour reservation, or requesting a refund. The refund process for our guests who request a refund will be carried out within 64 business days due to the new cancellation refund process given during the pandemic process. As per our return policies, please keep your booking agreement and money receipt with you.
Article 3: In case of cancellations made up to 30 days before the start of the service, the full fee that consumer paid so far shall be refunded. The consumer accepts and undertakes to pay 25% of the tour price if he cancels the contract 16-30 days before the start of the tour, 50% of the tour price if he cancels the contract 8-15 days before, and all of it to Tie Tur Take it Easy Turizm Acentasi if it is less than 0-7 days before the start of the tour. Refunds are made within sixty-four (64) business days for the cancellation requests of the consumer. In such a case, the consumer has no right to compensation for the expected time.
The existence and validity of the visas required for international trips are the responsibility of the consumer. The customer cannot request cancellation by claiming that the visa was not completed or granted. Issues related to passport duration/validity etc. are the responsibility of the consumer.
Article 4: In promotional/discounted products, the consumer does not have the right to cancel or change the product they have purchased.
Article 5: A notification message is sent to your e-mail address or phone when the cancellation/refund is completed for the payments made by credit card. This notice indicates that your bank has been refunded; however, the time it takes for the refund to appear on your card is dependent on your bank.
Your payment returned to the credit card by Tie Tur will be refunded to your account within 7 to 14 business days depending on your bank and this process varies depending on the bank you use.
In installment purchases made with a credit card, the fee is paid to the bank at once. However, your bank will return this amount to your credit card in installments.
ADDITIONAL ARTICLE: (Consumers who obtain early reservation insurance on such tours have no right to cancel or change tour programs.) Cancellation changes only occur in guests who buy early reservation insurance on such tours.
Article 6: In the case of buying special products, the E-Consumer shall be returned the amount paid for the service with an official report obtained from the full state hospital or, in the case of death, the 10-day habitual disturbances corresponding to the tour period of the E-Consumer or their first degree relatives, provided that it is documented. In this case, reports and documents shall be submitted before the beginning of the service.
Article 7: Tie Tur has the right to cancel all bookings and services made on behalf of the consumer after 24 hours from the start date of the service if the consumer does not notify Tie Tur in writing that they will participate in the service that they missed the start of. In such cancellations, any refund or compensation will not be paid to the Consumer.
Article 8: The consumer may wish to reschedule any prearranged trips for a future date. Tie Tur Take It Easy Turizm Acentasi seeks to assist by acting in accordance with available resources. (Differences that occur and/or will occur during the rearrangements must be paid.)

Visa Information

provides by the participant

HistoryAvailabilityPer PersonOne person
08/04/2024Free147,98 €147,98 €147,98 €-
09/15/2024Free147,98 €147,98 €147,98 €-
  • 01
    1. Day :

    After leaving our tour office, we follow the Beldibi, Göynük, Kiriş roads and reach the Phaselis Harbour area. Here, after a short rest, we leave the ancient city of Phaselis after inhaling the ancient harbors and historical texture of the sea and the magnificent air of Tahtalı Mountain.  After the middle of the day, we return to the Tie Office on the same route. 164 km. While we are on the road and driving for approximately 4.5 hours, we find the opportunity to rest at many points.

    Includes group ride. It is not a one-person tour. Please click on the link for our VIP tours.

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