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"Tie Tur Take it Easy" is a tour company that has a "Class A Travel agency" business license, registered with Tursab, issued by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.​ (Document Number: 13698)

Tie Tur is the official partner of the Royal Enfield brand.

The founders of the company brought the Royal Enfield-Himalayan world brand, which is the brand of Eicher motors Limited, to Antalya, the capital of tourism, and aimed to offer a unique travel and adventure to motorists. Tie Tourism aims to bring Europe and Asia by motorcycle tour together with the Royal Enfield brand motorcycles that have probed the peaks of the Himalayan in the Taurus Mountains of Turkey, which hosts the Silk Road.

Tie Turizm
Antalya Corporate Tax Office Tax ID No: 844 102 0859
Mersis Number:0844 1020 8590 0001

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